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Learn the artistic techniques to develop your imagination and creativity

Art and crafts workshops are practical courses on several artistic and artisan techniques, held by professional artisans in their typical Florentine shops.
They are addresses to everyone, those who want to learn and to those who want to improve their skills.
Lessons are held in the afternoon. The schedule of the lessons is organized between the student and the artisan.
These courses are reserved for students that are enrolled in one of our Italian courses.


Practical art lessons to create original artistic works

The art courses are made of practical lessons of various artistic techniques. They are held by expert artisans in various art labs and are available for beginners as well as for those students who are already familiar with the subject. Under the guidance of the teacher, students learn the technique of the manual labour and to develop their own artistic creativity.

Art courses available:

> Drawing
> Pencil / charcoal portrait
> Pottery
> Small sculptures in wax

> Decoupage
> Florentine marbled paper
> Wood decoration
> Glass cutting

> Glass decoration
> Tempera or oil painting
> Trompe L’oeil
> Fresco painting


Craft lessons to restore or create precious handcrafts

Craft workshops are made of practical lessons of various hand-crafted techniques. They are organized together with the Association of Artisans of Florence and are held by expert artisans in typical Florentine artisan shops. These courses are available for beginners as well as for those students who are already familiar with artisan skills. Under the precious guidance of the artisan, students learn these ancient skills. After a first theoretic approach, students start using tools and work original objects manually, or create completely personal objects.

Craft courses available:

> Furniture restoration
> Painting restoration
> Jeweller’s craft
> Leatherworking

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