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Florence Typical Dishes

Florence Typical Dishes

Italian food is known for its simple and tasty recipes, which mainly revolve around ingredients such as cheeses, pasta, olive oil and wine. Italian cuisine has gained popularity around the world because a gourmet spread can be whipped up using few ingredients, which are not just tasty, they are also readily available. Every place or rather every region in Italy has its unique food, recipes, and flavor, some of which are exclusive to it.
The typical Florentine cuisine is simple, with the richness of local produce and meats accompanied by soft cheeses. Tuscans are known for their liking for beans which is a staple food for them. Beef is a favorite with Tuscans and is cooked in various ways. Beef Steak Florentine originates from this region is a well-loved dish. Chianti Wine also finds its home in Florence. Florence dishes include four basic foods- Bread, the best quality olive oil, Florentine beef steaks and the wine braised or roasted game such as deer, rabbit or boar, and Wine.
When we think Italy, the first thing that pops into the mind is Pizza. Tuscans prefer their pizza to have a very thin crust, though some restaurants advertise ‘Pizza Napolitano’ which is a thick crust pizza.


Pinzimonio- Is a salad which is made with fresh seasonal vegetables. It's an excellent appetizer which comes tossed in olive oil which is local to Florence.
Crostini di fegato- Is a toasted bread which is topped with chicken liver paste. This dish is quite popular all in Tuscany.
Tonno e Fagioli- Is a bean and a tuna salad, which is a very filling dish. It is usually followed by a pasta dish, though it can be a complete meal by itself if served with some bread.
Affettati Misti – A very traditional antipasti and can be found in the menus of most restaurants in Florence. This dish has an assortment of cold sliced meats served with bread and accompanied with a young Chianti.
Fettunta- Is toasted bread with freshly pressed olive oil. This dish though available the year around is preferred during the month of November when newly pressed olive oil is available. 

First Course

Pasta is served as the first course in Italy. Italians never eat pasta along with the main course. The plate is then changed to serve the main course.
Crespelle alla Fiorentina- are crepes stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach topped with béchamel sauce.
Trippa all Fiorentina- is tripe cooked and topped with cheese, it also goes well with pureed potatoes or cannellini beans in oil.
Bistecca alla Fiorentina- is a thick piece of steak, usually grilled and served. Florentine Beefsteak is not just a favorite with the locals but also with tourists alike.
Baccalà alla Fiorentina- Is a salted and dried cod, is served as a savory dish cooked with onions, tomatoes, and rosemary.

Side Dishes

Piselli “alla Fiorentina”-  Florentines love beans and is a staple diet and Piselli “alla Fiorentina” is one such dish. It is boiled green peas served with cured bacon and olive oil.


Zuppa Inglese- Simply put its cookies topped with liquid custard cream.
Schiacciata Fiorentina- is a Florentine sweet cake topped with powdered sugar. It has whipped cream or vanilla pudding in the center which makes a simple cake genuinely decadent.
Zuccotto- Very typical to Florentine, also known as the ‘helmet of Catherine’ It is a cake filled with ricotta and topped with candied fruit and frozen till set and served inverted. This is how the dish gets its name as it looks like a helmet.


Gelato originates in Florentine, and the tastes and flavors are innumerable. Gelatos are ice-creams which are flavored with fruit and nut purees and is richer than regular ice-creams.

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