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Porcellino : the bronze fountain of a boar and his meaning

Porcellino : the bronze fountain of a boar and his meaning

This is a bronze fountain which is located in Florence, Italy. Porcellino is a nickname which was given to this boar fountain by the locals from Florence. Ironically, the nickname when translated stands for the word ‘piglet' whereas the fountain is a boar. This boar which is considered as a piglet attracts a huge number of tourists. So, what's the story behind this fountain which is highly regarded in Florence? What makes it so attractive?
Everything has a creator and this bronze fountain dates to the 15th century. Well, it is that old, making it Italian art. The artist who was behind this bronze boar fountain was Pietro Tacca. Inspired by a Hellenistic marble, the sculptor, Pietro Tacca, was able to observe and incorporate a new design which would later become an antique. Initially, the Porcellino was supposed to be placed in the Boboli garden, but it was moved to Mercato Nuovo. Whilst still there, it was moved a couple of times, and one of the leading reason why it was repositioned is due to the enormous traffic which was in the market, Mercato Nuovo.
This market which lies in the present Piazza Rella Repubblica has many Italian arts which are based on the Italian traditions. Luckily, the Porcellino is amongst the antiques that have outshone others, and the attention it brings is quite enticing. Art is an act that can be passed on to the next generation through a simple action such as making a copy of the original. Shockingly, the Porcelain which is located in Mercato Nuovo is a copy of the original; if you are not keen enough, you'll think it is the original bronze fountain.
However, the copied piece of the bronze fountain was put there to preserve the original Porcellino. The real and authentic Porcellino is currently in the Museo Bardini in Palazzo Mozzi. Even though the Porcelliono in the Italian market is not the original piece, it still attracts enormous crowds of tourists. Once you visit the pig in the presence of some locals, you'll learn that they believe that it is considered good luck would be bestowed upon you, when you touch the pig's snout.
That acts of rubbing the pig's snout date back to the time that the Porcellino was placed in the Florence market known as Mercato Nuovo. It is believed that once you rub the pig's snout, you are destined to go back to Florence for another visit. Well, Florence is such an attractive city. Who wouldn't want to go back to Florence for the second time? Porcellino's snout has been rubbed countlessly to the point where the snout has begun to shine. Even if you do not believe in such occurrences which are linked to fate, touching such an antique is just amazing in itself. Feeling the bronze in your hands makes you just feel satisfied.
If you visit a fantastic city such as Florence, this is the kind of artifacts that you should not miss out on. Visit the market and analyze what makes the Porcellino that unique.

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