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La Luminara di San Ranieri

La Luminara di San Ranieri

On the 16 and 17 of June 2018 the San Ranieri di Pisa festival is organized to celebrate the Patron Saint, the Tuscan city will host a truly unique and spectacular event: the Luminara 2018. The romantic lights of thousands of lanterns lit around bridges and buildings, together with those resting on the waters of the Arno, will create an extraordinary effect that will take you back in time!

The 'Giugno Pisano' program is particularly rich in events, street parties, cultural initiatives but above all historical re-enactments to remember the most ancient traditions of the city of Pisa. The most appreciated, from Tuscans and others, are certainly the Luminaria di San Ranieri, the Pisa Historical Regatta, the Gioco del Ponte and the Historical Regatta of the Maritime Republics, which takes place every four years. To frame these evocative events, other initiatives take plase such as street performances, concerts, festivals and much more.

On June 16th the most evocative of the events organized for the feast of San Ranieri 2018 will take place: the Luminara of Pisa. The profiles of churches, palaces, towers and bridges of the Lungarni will be illuminated by more than 700,000 candles placed in special glasses and set in the so-called 'biancherie', wooden frames painted in white. Many floating lights will also be placed directly on the Arno, which will offer a enchanting show of lights and reflections on the water. A special treatment will be reserved for Piazza dei Miracoli: the Leaning Tower, the Duomo and the Baptistery will be especially illuminated, taking on an even more ancient and fascinating aspect.

The festivity of the Luminaria 2018 will continue until late at night with a wonderful firework display that will start at around 23.00. From the Cittadella Vecchia, a fortress dating back to the 1400 partially rebuilt and by some barges on the Arno, spectacular fireworks will be launched: streamers, colored waterfalls and a suggestive red smoke shot by the Guelfa Tower will offer the most exciting show of the summer of Pisa 2018.

During the afternoon of the 17th of June, the festivity di San Ranieri will resume with the historical parade of Pisa, a lively and colorful parade that evokes the ancient splendor of the Maritime Republics. At dusk you can attend an exciting race between districts: the Historic Regatta of Pisa 2018, followed by the traditional Palio di San Ranieri!

On the quiet waters of the river Arno four boats will battle to represent the 4 neighborhoods, two of Tramontana and two of Mezzogiorno. The district of San Martino will be marked by the color red, that of St. Anthony in green, that of Santa Maria in light-blue and that of St. Francis in yellow. The boats, clearly inspired by the ancient ‘fregate stefaniane’ of the Medici order of the Knights of Santo Stefano, will have to travel 1,500 meters by rowing against the current, from the Railway Bridge to the Palazzo Mediceo, near the Ponte della Fortezza. The crew must be composed of eight rowers, a helmsman and a fitter, a figure of fundamental importance to win the competition. It is up to him, in fact, climbing on one of the four ropes (called canapi), the arduous task of reaching the top of a 10-meter tall mast, mounted on an unstable floating barge, and grabbing the blue palio, symbol of victory of the Regatta di San Ranieri. Two other flags, one white and one red, will instead be reserved for the second and third classified, while the team that will arrive last will win ... two geese!

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