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Italian group courses are held from Monday to Friday for 2, 4 or 6 hours per day.
Classes are divided according to levels: beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced.
In each class there is an average of 6-8 students, maximum 12.
Groups are composed by students of all ages and different nationalities. Every year the school welcomes students of more than 50 different nationalities.
Each hour lesson lasts 55 minute.
The minimum attendance is one week, maximum 48 weeks.
If you have a basic knowledge of the language, you may begin on any Monday.
If you are beginner, you should begin your course on one of the starting dates. Check dates


PART-TIME COURSE 2 hours 10 hours 9:00-10:50 or 11:10-13:00
or 14:00-15:50
STANDARD COURSE 4 hours 20 hours 9:00-10:50 and 11:10-13:00
INTENSIVE COURSE 6 hours 30 hours 9:00-10:50, 11:10-13:00,
and 14:00-15:50

PART-TIME COURSE (2 hours per day / 10 hours per week)

The part-time course is a group course made of 2 hours lesson per day; the 2 hours can be mainly grammar, mainly conversation, or two afternoon hours, with a mix of reading, writing, listening activities and vocabulary and oral production strengthening exercises.

The Italian part-time course is ideal:
> if you want to have more free time during the day.
> if you do not have much time to attend the standard or intensive courses due to other commitments or personal reasons.
> if you prefer to improve only your communication skills and speak more fluently, or if you only want to improve difficult grammar subjects or learn the ones you don’t know.
> We recommend this course if you already have a bit of knowledge of the language (elementary or intermediate), or if you know it well (advanced) and you need to improve, strengthen or “refresh” your knowledge of the Italian language.

STANDARD COURSE (4 hours per day / 20 hours per week)

The Italian standard course is our most attended course: each class is organised according to levels, and is composed by students coming from all over the world. The Italian standard course is made of 4 hours lesson per day, 5 days a week, for a total of 20 weekly hours. Each morning you’ll take part in two hours of grammar lessons followed by two hours of conversation lesson, where we will present daily and real life situations.

The Italian standard course is ideal:
> for students of any level.
> for those who want to have good results but have the afternoon free for their private commitments or visiting Florence.
> for those who love the Italian language and culture and want to learn speaking Italian.
> for those who want to learn or improve their understanding and their ability to speak Italian.

INTENSIVE COURSE (6 hours per day / 30 hours per week)

The intensive course consists of 6 hours per day (30 hours per week), made of two hours of grammar, two hours of mainly conversation and two afternoon hours that are a mix of readings, writing, listening activities, applied grammar and conversation related to daily situations through role plays and games, enhancing the students’ vocabulary and their communication skills. For those who want, the afternoon classes can be individual, which make the course even more effective (see super-intensive courses).

The intensive course of Italian is ideal:
> for students of all levels.
> for those who have an immediate need to learn Italian quickly.
> for those who have little time available and cannot attend long-term courses.
> for those who want to enrich their vocabulary.
> for those who want to strengthen their confidence in the spoken language.

Content of the lessons

> In grammar classes, new rules are explained and deepened, through readings, exercises, revision and building sentences.
> In conversation classes teachers propose various and creative subjects through listening and reading activities, oral production, group works, vocabulary, dialogues, comments and discussion with other students and the teacher.
> During the two hours in the afternoon lesson are held in a playful and creative way, so that the students are not too tired after the four hours in the morning. Teachers propose daily situations through role plays and games, enhancing the students’ vocabulary and their communication skills.

You can combine Italian courses with Italian culture courses: see here


ALL INCLUSIVE PRICES: prices include enrollment fee, tax fee, textbooks, teaching materials, language test, enrollment certificate, attendance certificate, student card, map of Florence, some extracurricular activities at school, free internet access.                               

Weeks Hour lessons Prices Euro
1 x x
2 20 220
3 30 300
4 40 380
6 60 550
8 80 720
10 100 870
12 120 1020
16 160 1320
20 200 1620
24 240 1920
24+ ask for prices
Weeks Hour lessons Prices Euro
1 20 220
2 40 380
3 60 510
4 80 620
6 120 870
8 160 1120
10 200 1370
12 240 1620
16 320 2080
20 400 2540
24 480 3000
24+ ask for prices
Weeks Hour lessons Prices Euro
1 30 330
2 60 540
3 90 720
4 120 900
6 180 1290
8 240 1680
10 300 2040
12 360 2400
16 480 3080
20 600 3760
24 720 4440
25-48 x x

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