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Online quality teaching for concrete and best results to improve your Italian language

The free and comfortable way to learn and improve your Italian for your personal needings


Do you need to improve your Italian, but you don’t have the possibility to come to Florence now?
Do you live in Florence, but you don’t have time to attend our courses at school?
Did you attend our courses in the past, and now you don’t want to forget your Italian?

Book our online Italian group courses or our online Italian lessons!
You can comfortably sit at home and improve your Italian with our web-based distance learning programs.
You will only need a good internet connection, a Skype or Zoom account.

Online Italian courses in small groups with Zoom platform

The Italian lessons are held live by our Italian mother tongue teachers together with other students of different nationalities.
Available levels: A1, A2, B1, B2
Participants: maximum six students of the same level
Duration of the course: two weeks
Each lesson lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Classes of level A0 and A1 take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The A2, B1, B2 lessons take place on Tuesday and Thursday.
The courses include the teaching material and the recording of the lessons that we will send you by email.
Lesson contents: explanations of grammatical elements, exercises, lexicon, reading, expressions, role play.

Level A0-A1: 3 times a week for two weeks (total 9 hours): 70 euros
Level A2-B1-B2: 2 times a week x two weeks (total 6 hours): 50 euros

Online Italian lessons individuals or in pairs with the Skype program

Levels available from absolute beginner (A0) to advanced (C2).
Lessons are carried out face to face with our teachers, all Italian mother tongue, through oral conversation or writing.
You can choose dates, time, program and lessons content.

Distance learning is useful for:

  • deepening some grammar topics that you didn’t understand well
  • talking about a specific conversation subject
  • making sure a text is correct
  • preparing an exam


5 hours € 150
10 hours € 280
20 hours € 500

FREE TRIAL  We offer you 15 minutes of online lessons for free to evaluate your level of Italian.
Send us your request.

Do you want to see some short Italian themed lessons? Follow our free Italian lessons on our YouTube channel

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Hitomi S.


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