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A holiday in Florence to learn Italian and do many cultural activities

The senior courses are addressed to adults who want to spend a week in the Renaissance city, and it is organized according to the most frequent requests the school has received in the past few years for what concerns duration, didactics, method, activities and free time.

Florence is the perfect place for those who want to learn the Italian language and the Italian culture at the same time.

Even though one week is a rather short time to visit a city that is so rich in history, art and culture, thanks to this program it is surely enough to learn or improve the knowledge of the language, get to know and admire historical and artistic sites, the most important monuments, local habits and culture; all will be carried out in a pleasant way, in a friendly environment, and with a professional didactic.

Lessons are organized in a fun way, deal with interesting subjects, and are not tiring. Italian language and culture lessons are held in the morning, while activities are carried out in the afternoon.
The program includes 20 hours of language and culture lessons, walking tours in the historical center, wine tastings, cooking class with dinner, Italian culture lesson, aperitif and others.

  • The price of the package course+activities is 390 Euro.
  • The price includes: taxes, book, certificates.
  • The price does not include: trip and accommodation.
  • On request it is possible to reserve rooms in hotels or selected host families.

Dates 2020:
May 18th-22nd
June 15th-19th
October 12th-16th
November 9th-13th

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“Everything was great, many thanks to the teachers for their patience and talent to teach absolute beginners. I hope to come back again next summer, and I’m sure that everything will be great again. Nice apartment and great location. No...”
Anastasia S.


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