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Speak Italian – Correct pronunciation of the Italian language The Italian language, like any other language, has its own characteristics and difficulties. The Italian grammar, compared to other languages, has a medium difficulty, while the pronunciation is less complicated. Most vowels and consonants always have the same pronunciation. Making a comparison with English, the most spoken language in the world and the easiest one due to its simple grammatical construction, the 5 vowels have about twenty phonemes, while Italian has…


Written by Istituto Il David
    THE ITALIAN LANGUAGE TODAY Italian is the official language spoken in Italy, in some neighboring countries (Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City), and it’s one of the official languages in the European Union.It is one of the Romance or Neolatine languages, this means that it derives from the Latin spoken in ancient Rome (and until now in the Catholic Church), such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian, and other minor languages.It was formed and evolved by the Florentine vernacular written…


Written by Istituto Il David
  SHORT HISTORY OF ITALIAN LANGUAGE A young language with a long history. Between 3000 BC and 1000 BC, populations of Indo-European origin arrived from Central and Eastern Europe. They mingled with the Mediterranean people, including those who lived in the Italian peninsula (Etruscans, Ligurians, Sardinians, etc.). Some of them settled in Lazio and founded Rome. People of that population were called Latins and mixing the Mediterranean and Indo-European words gave rise to Latin. When the ancient Romans conquered the…
  Italian is the fourth most studied language in the world according to a recent study which took place in universities all over the world. The unexpected victory of Italian over growing economic nations like China and Russia is sure to give a boost to public and private efforts to promote the study of the language, which has become a main goal of the Italian government. The increasing interest in Italian was recently provided with a new resource, the Quality…

Florence at Christmas

Written by Istituto Il David
Florence at Christmas In Florence, as in most Italian cities, Christmas lighting begins already in November. Shops, restaurants, bars, big shopping centers prepare windows and locations inspired by the Christmas atmosphere. The atmosphere is particularly magical and intimate, you breathe Christmas air everywhere and all the Florentines are in the center to buy last gifts, greeting cards, panettone, pandoro and sweets. Bags, ribbons, bows and Christmas boxes are mixed with the sound of Christmas songs that can be heard in…

Florence Light Festival 2018

Written by Istituto Il David
If you’ve never been to Florence, December is the right month to do so. During Christmas period the atmosphere is magic lights and colors decorate the city and create a surreal feeling, almost fictional. During Christmas time, Florence is very beautiful and elegant. The huge Christmas tree lights up on December 8th, lighting up Piazza del Duomo, and with the big Nativity scene, they are the meeting place for Florentines. You can smell the scent of roast chestnuts and people…

Palio di Siena

Written by Istituto Il David
Siena: The Palio is not a manifestation exhumed and organized for tourism purposes: it is the life of the Sienese people and in its various aspects and feelings. It has remote origins, with some regulations still valid since 1644, the year in which the first prize was held with horses, as it still happens. The territory of the City is divided into seventeen Contrade with borders established in 1729 by the Violante Notice of Bavaria, Governor of the City. Each…

Festa di San Giovanni

Written by Istituto Il David
On June 24th, Florence celebrates its patron saint, St. John the Baptist which is considered the symbol of moral rectitude and political correctness and this is a day of celebration for whole city. Every year for San Giovanni different cultural and folk events take place (which culminate with the evocative fireworks or the “fochi” of San Giovanni, as the Florentines call them). The festivity of San Giovanni has ancient origins: once, nobles and lords donated candles to celebrate the patron…

La Luminara di San Ranieri

Written by Istituto Il David
On the 16 and 17 of June 2018 the San Ranieri di Pisa festival is organized to celebrate the Patron Saint, the Tuscan city will host a truly unique and spectacular event: the Luminara 2018. The romantic lights of thousands of lanterns lit around bridges and buildings, together with those resting on the waters of the Arno, will create an extraordinary effect that will take you back in time! The 'Giugno Pisano' program is particularly rich in events, street parties,…
This is a bronze fountain which is located in Florence, Italy. Porcellino is a nickname which was given to this boar fountain by the locals from Florence. Ironically, the nickname when translated stands for the word ‘piglet' whereas the fountain is a boar. This boar which is considered as a piglet attracts a huge number of tourists. So, what's the story behind this fountain which is highly regarded in Florence? What makes it so attractive?Everything has a creator and this…

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