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Florence and the birth of the Italian language

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Everyone knows that Italian is a romantic language. There is an interesting history behind the birth of the language. Florence is a stunning city to for travelling, living, and studying. There are multiple reasons to travel to Florence. However, travellers and aspiring students view it as a charming city but they do not look at the most important aspect. Florence is the birthplace of Italian language. This is the place where the romantic language was invented!

This post will help you to understand the history of Italian language. Most of you would want to know whether Florence is the birthplace of the language. Read on to find out more about the history.

It all began in Florence, Italy…

In the 14th century, the Tuscan dialect started dominating. Why did this happen? Tuscany was at the central position. Also, you would be glad to know that Florence was one of the first advanced cities. The forceful commerce in Florence made it a popular destination.

If anybody wishes to learn the language or the culture, Florence would be the ideal destination because it is the birthplace of the language.

Firenze antica

The Three Important Literary Artists

When we talk about the birth of Italian language, we cannot miss the names of Dante Alighieri, Petrarca, and Boccaccio.
Out of the three literary artists, Dante was the most important. He mixed his local language (Tuscan) with Southern Italian dialect in his poems.

Even though Florence is accountable for Dante Alighieri’s exile but the metropolis is still living in the reflection of Dante’s splendour.
The language was formalized when Dante started using it in his famous works. Dante’s poems are jointly known as, ‘commedia’.

In the 14th century, Florentine dialect became the most common and prestigious language.
The reason is just one: Dante Alighieri. However, we cannot say that Petrarca and Boccaccio had no role to play. The three artistes used Florentine dialect in their famous works. The vocabulary, style of writing, and grammar used by artists became famous and everyone started imitating it.

Dante Alighieri portrait

You must be wondering as to why Dante is considered to be the most influential personality!
His work, De Vulgari Eloquentia, is epic and the most pivotal text in the history of Italian language.

In a nutshell, Italian is the Florentine Dialect. If you want to learn the language or know about the culture, you must live and study in Florence. Mingling with the locals and studying the language from the natives would be a great idea! You would take back memories as you would be able to grasp the language and know more about the culture. If you are going to Florence, you can still see Dante’s residence.

Florence is the birthplace of the Italian language. It is also known as the, ‘cradle of Renaissance’. The best Italian is spoken in Florence. You should not miss this opportunity of travelling to the lovely city and learning about the language and culture.

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