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Florence: classical beauty and art even in historic buildings

Pitti Palace

Everyone knows that Florence is the city of the past.

The historical metropolis is located in the Tuscany region of Italy. Every building and street in the city has its own story to tell. Many people come to Florence to study, travel, or live. Living in Florence could be a fruitful idea because you would be enthralled by the beauty of the landscapes and architecture.

If you are new to the city, you may not know about the most striking buildings. Here is a post for you which will help you to create an itinerary. We have listed the most stunning buildings/museums in the city. Take a look!

#1 the Duomo

Duomo is one of the most striking buildings in Florence. It is the most popular Cathedral in the city. It is the work of Fillipo Brunelleschi. Duomo is the largest cathedral which took 140 years to complete.

The architects started to plan this project in the year 1294. They wanted it to be a masterpiece! The architects wanted to create a dome which is larger than any other dome. The cathedral continues to be striking! People from different parts of the world visit the structure and they are mesmerized by the beauty of the dome.

Duomo e Battistero

#2 Palazzo Pitti

It was originally the home of Lucca Pitti, who was a banker in 1458. You would be able to witness the Renaissance architecture through this structure. It has the charm of rustic stone pillars and wide arches. It looks different from the rest of the buildings! Palazzo Pitti is now the most famous museum in Florence. It houses art galleries that you can visit.

palazzo pitti florence 1500x850

#3 Palazzo Vecchio

The old palace or the Palazzo Vecchio is an impressive building in Florence, Tuscany. Originally built as a fortress palace, the Palazzo Vecchio is a famous spot for tourism. It is artistically as well as politically important because the architecture is truly a work of art. Also, the bell tower is meant to show off Florence’s power and potency to overawe the enemies.

Palazzo Vecchio

#4 Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in the metropolis. You would find colourful shops along the bridge. It looks artistic and beautiful! Do you know that this bridge survived the World War II Nazi bombings?

Ponte Vecchio

#5 Uffizi Gallery

The U-shaped building which shows off the Renaissance architecture shall enthral you. It was not built to be a museum as it was originally meant for hosting the magistrates. The building sees 10,000 visitors in a day. The Uffizi Gallery is open for visitors and it holds some treasures as well. If history interests you, then Uffizi Gallery is a must visit. Art lovers must visit this gallery twice to get a good look at it!

Florence Uffizi Gallery

You must see the following

Venus of Urbino (Titian)

Primavera and birth of Venus (Botticelli)

Visit the magical Bardini Gardens where you can relax. A romantic stroll in the Bardini Gardens is a must! The Santa Maria Novella Church houses some of the most beautiful artistic treasures. These were donated by the wealthy people in Florence.

Do you know that Florence is the birthplace of Italian? It is also known as the Cradle of Renaissance because it all began here. The credit goes to Medici family and Dante for bringing for the birth of Renaissance and Italian language.

In a nutshell, there is a lot of beauty in Florence that you cannot miss. Make sure you are visiting the city for more than a week because it has a lot to offer in the name of tourism! Make a plan and visit Florence. You would never want to come back from the city! 

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