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Best foods to find in Florence

Best foods to find in Florence

The best way to reach a person's heart is through culinary delicacies. This is a truth that is applicable to everyone. And Italy is one place which is considered to be a heaven for food lovers. However, the culinary trail in Italy varies from one region to another.
Florence is a place in Italy which not only boasts rich culture but also serves some of the best delicacies in the world. The fine blend of olive oil, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, cheese, varieties of meat, herbs and other ingredients add a special taste in the foods of this region.
You just cannot stop drooling over those tantalizing foods. So, if you are thinking about starting your food trail in Italy, then Florence is the recommended place to start from.
Planning on what foods to try in Florence? Let's have a look:

Panino con lampredotto e salsa verde

5. Lampredotto:

Ah! Lampredotto is a local delicacy that has been around since the mediaeval age. You may like it or you may not but this is obviously one dish that you cannot ignore.
Now, what is lampredotto actually? Lampredotto is basically a sandwich made from thin tripes (liver) seasoned and boiled in broth. It is served with spicy red sauce or herbal green sauce as per your preference. And if you are not satisfied enough, you can surely try it with Bagnato.
But where can we find this heavenly creation? Being a popular street food, every street vendor and local food stall include lampredotto in their diverse menu.

cantucci mandorla

4. Cantucci:

Florence may not be the place where you can find utterly buttery and highly sweet desserts. But there is something that can surely satisfy your cravings. Of course, we are talking about cantucci. These are what Florentines call little Biscotti.
The lovely treats are made of almonds and olive oil. Since you can buy it from any local bakery, cantucci will turn out to be an exquisite companion for your morning coffee as well as evening espresso. But it is best served with local dessert wine Vin Santo. Such a classic combination!
Dip them in the wine and dunk; you will get the real flavor of this Florentine delicacy.

pappardelle cinghiale

3. Parpardelle al Cinghiale:

No matter how tough the name is, if you are in Florence, then it is a must try. Though it is basically long wide pasta like lasagna which is often served with heavy sauce like Ragu, the specialty of the food lies in the meat that is used for making the sauce.
Cinghiale is the Italian word for a wild boar. Thus wild boar meat is generally used to create the drool-worthy sauce for this culinary masterpiece. But to provide customers with a wide choice, meat of wild hare, goose, wild rabbit for preparing the sauce.
Without a doubt, the pasta tastes best when it is accompanied with a sauce that is prepared using wild boar meat. It not only makes the ragu rich but also gives it a fine blend and tastes ecstatic.

pici al ragu

2. Pici alla Ragu di Cinta Senese:

A traditional dish that is popular in the Tuscany region, Pici alla Ragu di Cinta Senese is quite similar to wild boar ragu. If you are wondering what Pici is, then let us clear it out. It is hand-rolled fat spaghetti pasta. To enhance the taste, the pasta is prepared with a special flavored sauce which is prepared by using a smaller variety of wild boar found in Siena.
The pasta when prepared is heavy and chewy. Thus, it is served in small portions. Every fine restaurant in Florence serves the dish and you must try it without a fail. Have a glass of red wine with the pasta to feel the rich taste.


1. Gelato:

Italy is particularly famous for its gelato but the Florentine gelato is something that you have not tasted before. Florence boasts the best handmade creamy gelato that is available in a plethora of flavor combinations. The rich taste and fine blend when melts in your mouth, you will have the best time of your lifetime.
But avoid the street vendors selling colorful gelato as you may end up getting sick because the quality is not at all good. Need another secret tip? Well, try the small batches at first to pick your favourite since you deserve the finest ones.

It is not possible to list all the delicacies of Florence but your culinary journey will really be interesting. Do not forget to taste them as their taste will forever be etched in the panorama of your tongue. Already packing bags to explore the delicacies of Florence?

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