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Study in Florence: Learn a new language and have fun in studying

Study in Florence: Learn a new language and have fun in studying

Florence is often known as the heart of the Tuscany region. However, this city has always been one of the major learning centres in Italy as well as in the world since the age of Renaissance. The city is not only rich in history and finest Tuscany wine; it also offers a lot to all the students who want to study in Florence.

Florence has always been considered as a cultural centre of Europe. Thus, it has attracted writers, architects, poets and scholars for hundreds of years. The historical and cultural legacy of Florence lives still today in its iconic palaces, churches and monuments. Students who come to study in Florence do not only learn the sweet Italian language but they also breathe in the culture as well as the history of this iconic Italian city. 

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Why come to study in Florence?

Life in Florence begins when you wake up and look out the window to find the beautiful creamy stuccos, red-tile roofs and majestic monuments glittering in the beautiful sunlight. Living in Florence is like slowly sipping an ecstatic red wine which will leave you with a beautiful experience. As you come to study in Florence and continue to live here, you will find yourself in love with the people, culture and the monuments of Florence in no time.

What subjects can you study in Florence? The study abroad and language programs that Florence offers to the foreign students come with a fine blend of quality, rigour, cultural exploration and literacy.

So, you can be well assured of getting the finest education and learn a new language at Florence. You can also study several courses ranging from science to literature as well as philosophy. But what gains the most attention is the language course where the students get to know and learn more about the native language of Florence. Italian is the language that is common tongue of the denizens of Florence. And wouldn’t you love to learn the romance language? Every student who has an interest in taking up the Italian language course, studies in the midst of the historic centres that speak a lot about the Renaissance history and the preserved Italian culture.

A fun combination of learning and exploring the hidden treasures of the city make study in Florence exciting. The colleges in here make sure that you gain proper knowledge and apply it in your life. You will be able to set the duration of your course as per your educational needs, the desire to be a part of Florence’s rich culture and financial bounty.

The best thing about studying in Florence is that most of the courses here come with a supplementary paper on the Italian language. So, it helps you to learn this romantic language and have a better understanding of Florentine culture as well as its people.

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Easy accommodations:

What you will love most about coming to study in Florence is that you will never have to worry about accommodations.

The Florentine people are very welcoming and friendly.

Furthermore, they love to have guests in their homes. So, you will never have any trouble to find a great Italian family to play the host for you during the entire duration of your studies. The best thing about living with a Florentine family is that it will help you to become fluent in Italian in almost no time. The colleges here also provide finest accommodations to the foreign students.

You can live in private studio apartments or in self-catering rooms with other students as per your choice. You will have the best experience of your life if you come to study in Florence.

The city colleges do not only help you to get the knowledge you desire, it also makes the education a fun-filled affair. Above all, the city helps you to become a better human being. Study in Florence and let this cultural city take your life in a better direction.


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  • Right in the city centre of Florence

    The Italian language school is located in the heart of Florence, within walking distance of all the most important monuments and the central station.

  • 30 years of teaching

    The school was established in 1983, one of the first Italian language schools in Italy. The experience of over 30 years is a guarantee of professionalism and reliability.

  • Quality of the courses at affordable prices

    Our all inclusive prices are among the best even if you consider that we provide also accommodations, all in the city center.

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