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I very much enjoyed my time here. I feel like my Italian has improved a lot. The structure of the classes helped me improve while keeping the language interesting and fun to learn. Rita and Laura are both wonderful teachers. The apartment is in a great location, very close to everywhere I needed to go. Mrs A. is a great host, very kind and welcoming. My room was very comfortable and spacious. I never had any issue sharing the kitchen or the bathroom with the other people living there.
Publish date:  30-07-2019
Sent by: Erin T.
The course is a good starting place for improving my Italian. Before starting I was a complete beginner and now I’m excited to continue improving and learning. The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly which helps. Over all excellent.
Publish date:  29-04-2019
Sent by: Tashana R.
I feel that I have improved my Italian here. The classes were well organized. The conversation classes were helpful and a lot of fun. All the teachers paid attention to areas where the students needed more help. I hope I can return next year. My apartment in the Piazza del Mercato Centrale was clean and comfortable and a pleasant walk to the school. The landlady was very helpful in showing me the apartment and how to use the appliances.
Publish date:  28-06-2019
Sent by: Anne W.
“Istituto Il David” – it’s a school which can help you to learn Italian language. Teachers know in which way they should give to students information. All teachers know English and if you have questions you can ask them. Very good students, you can find a lot of new friends. You can ask them about their country and know something new about other countries. Thanks a lot teachers at “Istituto Il David”!
Publish date:  27-05-2019
Sent by: Nikita S.
Amazing teachers that kept me engaged: were clear, precise and helpful. The content of the class was made much more interesting because of the way they delivered it. I feel like the pace and content of the course was perfect and I have learned a lot here. Will definitely recommend the school to others. Grazie!
Publish date:  24-03-2019
Sent by: Heaven H.
It was beneficial to have different teachers for grammar and conversation. Chiara and Francesca were excellent at explaining grammar and I like how Chiara integrated grammar with conversation in the intensive course. Rita, Veronica and Chiara were excellent conversationalist. Their styles were engaging, animated and interesting. I learned quite a bit in spite of my challenges with speaking Italian. By the way, this was my third Italian school and by far my favorite!
Publish date:  23-04-2019
Sent by: Louise B.
It was very nice. The program was very good, and the teachers were very prepared for the lessons. Helpful teachers and good program to teach people Italian language. I think that the method of teaching is good , I have started to speak and understand Italian language. The school is located in a very nice place, directly in the city center. Classrooms are very nice and beautiful. Home atmosphere.
Publish date:  23-03-2019
Sent by: Mikolaj N.
Very professional teachers and staff; friendly and flexible. The school staff was able to adjust to our needs as seniors. We highly recommend. We asked for two weeks of instruction; enough to travel through Italy for a month. Claudia, Chiara and Lucia (the teachers) were very understanding and patient, all had international experience and related very well to foreigners. Our apartment is 10 minutes walk, - first floor, in a safe neighborhood. Very important to seniors. The apartment is clean and comfortable and met our needs. We met the owner personally (not a rental company) and one small problem was solved quickly.
Publish date:  21-07-2019
Sent by: Francis a.
I loved it! The teachers are very friendly and incredibly patient. The level could have been higher but all in all it was ok. Homework was good, and is important! There isn’t really anything you can do better. I am seriously considering to come back! I loved the accommodation! The people were extremely nice and very helpful. Over all, the apartment and the people there helped me a lot to make this a very pleasant experience. You did a very good job!
Publish date:  21-06-2019
Sent by: Markus K.
Istituto Il David was fantastic! I feel like I have learnt so much in one week, and the teachers I had were fantastic! I would definitely come back to continue my Italian learning if I was in Florence again.
Publish date:  21-04-2019
Sent by: Nicholas F.