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The grammar portion of my class was wonderful. Very informative. Francesca was very clear and described “how to” very well. I very much enjoyed her class. The school itself is very convenient for me to walk to. The school itself is nice. The classrooms are big enough and comfortable. The bathrooms are very clean.

Lynn M.USA

2019 06 Apr

I like the location of the school and the classroom layout. The course covered much areas that were interesting and most of it was also new for me which was good to make the most out of my time in school. The professors, Veronica and Chiara, were what I liked the most about the course. Grammar was very good and Chiara took the time to explain everything to us with good examples and exercises. Conversation was also good with interesting discussion topics and a good practice of Italian every day. I learnt and had fun at class which made it even better! The apartment is very nice and the room comfortable. No problems at all with the place, the owners or the location. I had access to the kitchen, laundry, etc.

Mauricio D.Venezuela

2019 03 Apr

Amazing teachers that kept me engaged: were clear, precise and helpful. The content of the class was made much more interesting because of the way they delivered it. I feel like the pace and content of the course was perfect and I have learned a lot here. Will definitely recommend the school to others. Grazie!

Heaven H.Australia

2019 24 Mar

It was very nice. The program was very good, and the teachers were very prepared for the lessons. Helpful teachers and good program to teach people Italian language. I think that the method of teaching is good , I have started to speak and understand Italian language. The school is located in a very nice place, directly in the city center. Classrooms are very nice and beautiful. Home atmosphere.

Mikolaj N.Poland

2019 23 Mar

The course was well structured and very interesting. I honestly believe the teachers are highly skilled, very intelligent, patient and attentive to the needs of students, which is particularly tough when you have many students of various ages, nationalities and backgrounds. In general accommodation was fine, quite noisy but I understand this to be the case in the centre of Florence regardless the zone.

Antonietta S.Australia

2019 18 Mar

I like your school because the atmosphere is very nice. I can’t tell much about the program because I’ve been here only for 5 days, but still it’s nice. But one thing I can say for sure is that the teachers are very nice, smart and I enjoyed their lessons, it was a lot of fun and very helpful. Special thanks to Daniela, una vera italiana, smiling, nice and always ready to help!

Shamlu K.Azerbaijan

2019 15 Mar

The organization of the school is very good and I have enjoyed my stay. The course of conversation is well structured, the program was well provided with differences between conversation and others.

Evelyne R.Switzerland

2019 27 Feb

A good variety of subjects in both grammar and conversation classes. The one-to-one lessons in the afternoons were really useful in preparing me for the morning lessons. All the teachers were lovely and it was a pleasure to meet them. It was easy to book and organize my course and Daniela was very helpful and supportive. I stayed with a lady in the center of the city which was perfect – a 10 minute walk to the school and all attractions ad it was really nice to come back to a home at the end of a long day. A very good way to experience true Florence life!

Emma W.UK

2019 23 Feb

I was very pleased with my lessons with my two teachers for my one-on-one classes. Many years ago, I was teaching English, so I think I can see it from both sides… both teachers were very effective teachers, explain well, listen carefully to a student’s need and are very pleasant and friendly. Most importantly, they are not only good teachers but good people…

Michael F.USA

2019 07 Feb

I had a truly wonderful time studying at Istituto Il David for 3 weeks in January. Both my grammar and conversation teachers were amazing. They encouraged interaction between students and answered any questions without any embarrassment. Grammar classes were well organized and the exercises were very helpful. Conversation classes were varied, which I enjoyed with some classes involving casual conversation on everyday topics as well as formal debates. I can definitely say that my reading, writing, listening and conversation skills have all greatly improved thanks to these fantastic lessons! I very much enjoyed staying in my apartment for two weeks while I was studying in Florence. The room was big and beautiful with plenty of room for everything. The apartment was clean and warm at night – very important during the winter! The area was very central, quite close to Piazza Santa Croce and less than 10 minutes walk to school.

Yuyila P.Australia

2019 03 Feb

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