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I very much enjoyed my time here. I feel like my Italian has improved a lot. The structure of the classes helped me improve while keeping the language interesting and fun to learn. Rita and Laura are both wonderful teachers. The apartment is in a great location, very close to everywhere I needed to go. Mrs A. is a great host, very kind and welcoming. My room was very comfortable and spacious. I never had any issue sharing the kitchen or the bathroom with the other people living there.
Date de publication:  30-07-2019
Envoyée par: Erin T.
I thought this was a great educational experience. I especially liked the teachers & the placement… Cioè, I thought I was in the correct classes both for grammar & conversation. I also enjoyed the group walks at 4:00pm + the wine tasting. Grazie mille!
Date de publication:  30-01-2020
Envoyée par: Sarah R.
United States
I have had a great experience here and have learnt so much, I will miss the school.
Date de publication:  29-11-2019
Envoyée par: Alice B.
The course is a good starting place for improving my Italian. Before starting I was a complete beginner and now I’m excited to continue improving and learning. The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly which helps. Over all excellent.
Date de publication:  29-04-2019
Envoyée par: Tashana R.
I feel that I have improved my Italian here. The classes were well organized. The conversation classes were helpful and a lot of fun. All the teachers paid attention to areas where the students needed more help. I hope I can return next year. My apartment in the Piazza del Mercato Centrale was clean and comfortable and a pleasant walk to the school. The landlady was very helpful in showing me the apartment and how to use the appliances.
Date de publication:  28-06-2019
Envoyée par: Anne W.
It was a really nice experience meeting new people & learning more in Italian. I have lived in Egypt a lot – I wasn’t speaking a lot of Italian because I had no one to talk with – Now that I came here (Il David) I started to talk better, the teachers are very patient and amazing, I hope I can see every one again. The school is very nice & I have surely made progress.
Date de publication:  27-11-2019
Envoyée par: Claudia V.
“Istituto Il David” – it’s a school which can help you to learn Italian language. Teachers know in which way they should give to students information. All teachers know English and if you have questions you can ask them. Very good students, you can find a lot of new friends. You can ask them about their country and know something new about other countries. Thanks a lot teachers at “Istituto Il David”!
Date de publication:  27-05-2019
Envoyée par: Nikita S.
I have loved the experience in this school. My teachers (Laura, Chiara and Rita) have been excellent and I have learnt a lot! I have studied Italian for three weeks in this school and I have liked the program as it was easy for me to follow. I did not know any Italian before I came here and on the first two weeks I was placed in a beginners class. However on the least week I was changed to an elementary group for grammar and pre-intermediate for speaking. This has been brilliant as I could be challenge and always keep on learning. I haved lived in an appartment next to Palazzo Vecchio. The area was excellent as it is in the centre! The only small problem was the noise at nights coming from the street, but that is normal when you live in such a touristic city in summer. The appartment was very spacious and I shared with two more people only, so there were no problems at all living with them. My room has two single beds for me, which is good. However, these beds are a bit small, it could be better to have one double bed to sleep more comfortably.
Date de publication:  26-11-2019
Envoyée par: Mariel C.
It was a great course! The teachers were all very nice, patient and explained well. The school provides many activities and opportunities to meet new people. I really had a good time and, although only two weeks, my Italian improved. I would recommend this course to others! The apartment was good, as well as the location.
Date de publication:  25-09-2019
Envoyée par: Linda A.
Amazing teachers that kept me engaged: were clear, precise and helpful. The content of the class was made much more interesting because of the way they delivered it. I feel like the pace and content of the course was perfect and I have learned a lot here. Will definitely recommend the school to others. Grazie!
Date de publication:  24-03-2019
Envoyée par: Heaven H.