Living in Florence while attending Italian courses

The school offers a free service of accommodation research for its students for any kind of request and for the duration of the stay in Florence.
The different types of accommodation available are the following:

> Single or double rooms in shared apartments with use of kitchen
> Single or double room in host family with breakfast or half board (breakfast and dinner)
> Private apartments (one or two rooms)
> Hotel rooms (2, 3 or 4 stars) 

In order to guarantee our students a pleasant stay in Florence all rooms, flats, hotels, etc. are carefully chosen and thoroughly checked by the school staff.
The school expects students to arrive on the Sunday before the beginning of lessons and to leave their lodgings on the Saturday after the end of the course.
The requests received earlier are processed first.


The best solution for those who want to live with more freedom

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Single or double rooms in apartments shared with other Italian or foreign students or with the owner of the accommodation.

The room is for the exclusive use of the student. The apartment, the kitchen and the bathroom are shared with one or more students, or with the Italian owner.
Apartments are furnished, rooms are provided with sheets and blankets and kitchens are equipped with all the necessary items to cook and eat for yourself (electrical appliances, cutlery, dishes).
This is the best solution for those students who want to have more freedom, but it implies them buying their own food, cooking and doing the housework.


The best solution for those who want more comfort

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Single or double rooms in apartments with carefully selected Italian host families

Accommodations are very comfortable and host families are always very friendly and helpful.
With this type of accommodation students can choose among various board solutions: the use of kitchen, breakfast and half board (breakfast and dinner).
The time of meals is arranged between the student and the host family. In case the student can not use this service, the family will prepare a pack lunch.
Since it is the host family who does all the housework, this is the best solution for those students, who want to have the most comfortable stay. It is also the best way to improve your Italian as the language is spoken everyday with the host family. You also have the opportunity to learn Italian families’ culture and habits.
With the half board solution the host family will change the bedsheets once a week, clean your bedroom, cook meals, do the washing-up, wash your clothes in the washing machine and so on.


The best solution for those with specific needs

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Independent apartment in the city centre

Apartment can be studios, or also 2 or 3 badrooms apartments
The rent price of private apartments differs according to various factors, such as type, size, location (in or outside the historic center) and further requests. Students should preferably specify their requests, for example apartment with television, telephone, washing machine, air conditioning, bath, double bed, etc. Clearly, the more requests, the higher the rental price.


The best solution for short periods

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Your accommodation in a great hotel in Florence

Single, double or triple rooms in hotels (2, 3 or 4 stars) with bathroom en suite, breakfast included in price.
All the hotels that have an agreement with the school give our students special prices (especially during the low season).
They are all located in the historic center, at a maximum of 10 minutes walk from the school and the central railway station.
Hotel rooms can be booked also for one day only. It is possible to book double or triple rooms only for two or three people.


ALL INCLUSIVE PRICES: prices include our lodging search and all utilities (electricity, gas, water, and Wi-Fi).

Rooms in shared apartments or in host family with use of kitchen
WeeksNightsSingle €Double €
16220140 X 2
213380240 X 2
320520340 X 2
427620420 X 2
Extra night single room €35-€20 | Extra night double room €45-€30
Rooms in host family with breakfast and dinner
WeeksNightsSingle €Double €
16310230 X 2
213570435 X 2
320820640 X 2
4271020825 X 2
Extra night single room €50-€35 | Extra night double room €80-€50

Rooms in host family with breakfast
WeeksNightsSingle €Double €
16260170 X 2
213440305 X 2
320610440 X 2
427740555 X 2
Extra night single room €40-€25 | Extra night double room €50-€35
Independent apartment

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Rooms in hotel with breakfast

Ask for prices