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Services and assistance to students before, during and after the course


The school provides free assistance service to its students on visas, residence permits, health insurance, opening bank account, tax code request, real estate contracts, internships.


Students from countries that are not members of the EU and who intend to stay in Italy longer than three months, need a Study Visa issued by the Italian embassy in their own country.
To obtain the study visa they need the certificate of enrollment from our school as well as other documents requested by the embassy. The necessary documentation is sent to those who have enrolled as soon as the school receives the deposit and confirms the student’s enrollment. In any case, we advise students to enquire about bureaucratic procedures at their embassies before they make reservations and come to Italy, as laws and regulations vary considerably from country to country.
Visit our page student visa for more information.


Our school collaborates with medical and dental offices close to the school that can assist our students immediately if needed.
Students from countries belonging to the European Union can benefit from all health care services with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
For non-EU students staying in Italy for more than three months, to receive a student visa, it is mandatory to take out a personal health insurance policy. You have three options available. You can take out private insurance in your country, otherwise the school can perform this service for you.
You can choose private insurance or public insurance from the Italian National Health Service (SSN).


On request, the school offers insurance for a full refund in case of cancellation within two days before the student’s arrival in Florence.


The school offers a free service of accommodation research for its students for any kind of request and for the whole duration of their stay in Florence. Most of the accommodations are located in the center. If you book at least 1-2 months in advance we can guarantee you accommodation within a 5-20 minutes walk from the school. Visit our accommodation page to see characteristics, prices and photos. Click here.


The school offers a minimum of 5 extracurricular activities per week. All activities are done together with our teachers after class and on weekends to allow all students to participate. Visit our page Things to do in Florence to see all the activities. Click here.


The school provides professional transfer service from Florence airport or central train station to the apartment booked. Personalized and safe assistance for your every move.


If your nationality is from a non-EU country and you have received a student visa for a period longer than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit within 8 days of your arrival in Italy. When you arrive at school, we will give you the necessary assistance and useful information for the application to be made at the post office near the school.
If you plan to stay in Italy for a period of time after the expiration of your student visa, you must apply for the renewal of your residence permit at least one month before the expiration date. In order to renew your residence permit, you must enroll in a course at the school and present the school’s new certificate of enrollment.


Students can use rooms when they are not being used for class purposes from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM for studying, watching movies, etc.


The school has an agreement with a self-service restaurant, located a one-minute walk from the school, which offers a discount to the students of the school during their lunch break. Close, fast, cheap, good food, variety of dishes.


The school offers a free booking service for Florence museums.


The school has an agreement with some gyms in the center of Florence. In the center it’s possible to book tennis and dance lessons. Outside the center you can practise any kind of sport.


Every year the Istituto Il David offers a limited number of scholarships to some Italian Culture Institutes based in a number of cities throughout the world and to some international universities. Applications should be sent directly to the Italian Language and Culture Institute or to the University.