A study holiday in Florence to learn Italian

junior courses (14-17) - Image 1
junior courses (14-17) - Image 2

Italian courses for young students are part of the all-inclusive packages organized by the school for students between 14 and 17 years old. They include 4 hours per day course, room with half board in selected families, afternoon activities. They take place on specific dates during the summer for one or two weeks in our school located in the center of Florence. The school is equipped with air conditioning and free wi-fi connection for its students.


Cost for one week of course (4 hours per day) + daily activities + single room with half board: 820 euro
The cost includes taxes, books, certificates. Upon request it is possible to extend the stay for an extra week.


Italian lessons take place from Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm.
The teachers held the lessons in a dynamic and engaging way, proposing thematic topics of youth interest and situations of daily life in which new grammatical structures are also analyzed. The students are constantly stimulated to socialize with each other through games and exchange of roles.
The school environment is very friendly. This allows for simple and spontaneous socialization among students.
Students are constantly assisted by school staff, thus ensuring their maximum safety.

Between lessons and activities, students have a 1 hour break where they can go to the self service next to school for lunch, or they can stay at school with the other students and use the available social spaces.


The various and fun activities are held in the afternoon by our teachers. Walking tours in the historic center of Florence, guided visits to museums and historical sites, excursions to other Tuscan cities, afternoon by the pool, treasure hunt, Italian movies at school, short lessons about Italian culture, Italian cooking lessons, games at school.


The single room in host family with half board is the most suitable and safest solution for very young students because they are constantly followed and helped by families so that the students feel comfortable during their stay.
Italian families have been collaborating with the school for many years. They are experienced, responsible, and friendly. Given the young age of the students, we book homestays for them as close as possible to the school. Most of the accommodation is located in the center between 5 and 20 minutes walk from the school. Families are also flexible in students’ food preferences for breakfast and dinner.


Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is the ideal city for a study holiday for very young students.
It is a tourist and student city where students from all over the world meet. It is a safe city for a peaceful and fun holiday, and where there is always something to see, visit, and do.
School and accommodation are located in the historic center away from traffic and the busy life of the peripheral area.

A fun vacation with new friends is the right reward after the hard school year.


“Few years ago I realized that more and more young students came to school even from far countries. At first I thought it was a very brave choice for parents to send their child abroad alone, and indeed it is!
Over time I started to change my mind because I saw in those very young students a high sense of responsibility and attention … generations that change! Seeing those young students away from their families staying at school at ease with extreme naturalness has always given me great joy.
So, I had my daughter do, at a very young age, her first study trip abroad… painful decision… It was the right reward for the excellent results obtained after a hard school year.
Never was a choice more correct. She returned happy with the intention of repeating her experience the following year. So I did. For five years in a row, I made her repeat her study abroad experience.
Now I can say that there is no better gift. A study trip abroad, in addition to being an immediate happy experience for your children, serves to mature and make them aware, opens their horizons, and is an investment for their future. “