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The school was simply wonderful. The teachers were marvelous. The school building was clean and organized, and the location fantastic. You are doing a wonderful job. I had a wonderful month in Florence. Thank you! My accomodation was great! Rossella, the owner of the apartment where I was staying, was very nice. I had a large, clear, sunny room, in an apartment just two blocks from the Duomo and three blocks from school. It was wonderful!

Daniel H.California, United states

2014 02 Jul

The school is wonderful as are the staff and the teaching itself. I have very much enjoyed my time at Istituto Il David. I have learnt much Italian while studying at the school. I highly recommend it to anyone considering studying here.

Kelly C.England

2014 30 Jun

The school has been great. Really well organized. I’ve had a lovely time here in Florence. I really feel that my Italian has improved a lot. The conversation class has been really good, I’ve grown a lot in confidence + the topics we discussed were really interesting. The grammar lessons (intermediate) were useful but not very imaginative. The accommodation was great! The landlady was really kind + attentive + very chatty when was great for helping my language skills. The apartment was clean + comfortable + the food was great!

Claire H.England

2014 29 Jun

I was thoroughly impressed by this school. I’ve learned more than I ever thought I could. The teachers are wonderful and very helpful. The classrooms are very nice and spacious. The apartment was wonderful. The rooms was comfortable and everything was better than I found have thought.

Andrea M.U.S.A.

2014 21 Jun

Everything was perfect since the day I came here. I had a great time for one month, and I learned a lot Italian. Now, I can even talk a bit :). Davide and Ilaria were always so warm and so kind. Also Carlo and Karin. I want to thank you all, for everything you've done for me. I'm sad because I'm leaving but next year I'll perhaps be back! I'll miss you all. Ciao. My apartment was so close to everywhere. I'll also miss my house in Firenze. Hope to see you again! Ciao tutti!

Ipek O.Turkey

2014 12 Jun

I really enjoyed my two weeks here. I thought the school was great. I loved my teachers. They were excellent and very nice. I wish I could stay longer and hope to come back again. Ciao! I really liked my apartment, mainly because I had such nice roommates. The location was great. Grazie.

Aparna B.U.S.A.

2014 28 May

The impression of the school is good. The two teachers were able to explain the grammar. They were very patient and took their time to explain things. It was easy to ask questions. The lady of the apartment was very hospitable. The dinners were nice.

Josephine B.Holland

2014 21 May

My first impression of the school was how good and different it was! I thought it was great that all people from different countries studied together. I have enjoyed the hotel I stayed in as it is quite beautiful and it was also good because the people there were quite friendly.

Luisa D.Canada

2014 17 May

Thank You very much for your kindness and help. We had great time in Florence: the school was good, the accomodition was good, all the people were nice and helpful and even the weather was good! We hope that someday we can return to Florence and to your school. E poi ti scriviamo in l'Italiana, perchè abbiamo l'intenzione di continuare i studi italiani anche qui a Helsinki.

Raili e.Finland

2014 16 May

Dear Aurora, Carlo, Chiara and Lisa, I just wanted to write to say 'Thank you so much!' for all your help and kindness. I had a great time in Florence and at the school. I have learnt so much and hope i can remember it all when i start university again at the end of september. I am back in England now but really wish i could have spent more time in Italy as i was really starting to relax into it! I hope to return and speak italian with more confidence. It has been a fantastic trip and thank you again everyone for all your help, Ashley x x

Ashley S.England

2014 16 May

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