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The teachers here are fantastic. They are always full of energy and passion for what they do. I thoroughly enjoyed those days that I did attend the school and will never forget the experience. The accommodation was impeccable. The location was fantastic and it truly added to a wonderful stay in Florence. My host family was friendly and very accommodating to my needs. I cannot complain at all and will highly recommend this school upon my return to Australia.

Marie C.Australia

2014 28 Oct

I think that this school does a very good job of teaching people (from all different language backgrounds) how to speak Italian. I definitely learned a lot of Italian. The teachers are all so nice and make class fun and enjoyable. My housing was very nice and my roommate was nice. The housing was in a good location close to the center and close to a bus stop.

Amber S.U.S.A.

2014 28 Oct

Il David is very organized and well directed. It provides a very open environment where students are given the opportunity to meet and share cultures. The teachers are very helpful and very nice. I learned a lot in Il David. Being incredibly helpful, they found me a new apartment right away upon finding out about my allergies. Both apartments were beautiful and in great areas. My roommate was great + we got along great.

Catherine A.NY, U.S.A.

2014 09 Oct

Having attended several different language course the last 5 years, the course in Istituto Il David is the one where I have learned most. The teachers are very good, and they manage to activate all the students. I feel that my language level is a lot better how offer six weeks at the school. The administration was been very helpful. I am very happy for choosing half-pension. My landlady is a wonderful cook, and she has made two “piatti” every evening. My room has been a nice place to stay, and I have had the opportunity to speak a lot with the lady, which has been very good for my oral language.

Alexander K.Norway

2014 28 Sep

School is very well run and friendly After only 9 days of class I can now understand and speak a small amount compared to none on day 1. Exceeded my expectations. My apartment was in a fantastic location and very nice. I would recommend it and I would be happy to stay there again. Only small complaint is the noise from the restaurants at night.

Sharon A.U.S.A.

2014 01 Sep

It was exactly what I wanted. I learned a lot of the grammar which I was still missing, and I was able to practice conversation a great deal. The teachers were fantastic, and the materials and methods used were new, different, and interesting. Overall, very satisfied. I would love to return! Wonderful accommodation. A little far from the school but I didn’t mind walking each day. The landlady was nice, it was a pleasure living with her. Everything was clean and comfortable.

Jonathan C.U.S.A.

2014 28 Aug

I really enjoyed my time at the school. All of the teachers are very caring, positive and compromising for the different levels of ability of each student. The school is a small but good environment for effective learning is a great city. The location of the school was great. I enjoyed meeting students from all other countries! Maria was extremely nice and patient with my Italian. The apartment is a little far from the center during the night, but I got to see a lot of the city! Overall everything was great!

Allison L.Canada

2014 20 Aug

The school was excellent. I found the teachers very approachable and friendly. The facilities were good. The office staff also very helpful The lessons were fun, informative and also difficult! But I learnt a lot and am inspired to learn more when I get home. I will recommend this school to others and would return here myself. Special thank you to my teachers. My accommodation was lovely and what I expected. I liked being able to use the kitchen whenever I wanted. The room was neat, clean and tidy. My “landlady” was very friendly, helpful and always happy. She also allowed us our privacy and freedom to come and go as we pleased. I also recommend her apartment to anyone. Please pass on my thanks to her, as I will.

Cristina S.Australia

2014 07 Aug

The school was beautiful and it was an amazing experience. The teachers are warm and welcoming who become lifelong friends. The course was very interactive not only do you learn the language and culture of Italy but a bit about the peers in your class. I would like not change anything about Il David everything was wonderful. Grazie. The apartment was very nice. The owners were very welcoming. The walking distance was good and it was nice that it was not needed to take a bus. It was clean enough and my roommate was very nice.

Jessica S.Canada

2014 18 Jul

Friendly and professional atmosphere. Courses well structured, especially the morning grammar class. Really enjoyed the one-to-one classes in the afternoon. In one week I feel I have made good progress, although I am all too aware of the work yet to be done! My accommodation was clean, central, friendly.

Martina W.Belgium

2014 13 Jul

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