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It was my first experience to learn in Italy. I think it was the most right decision I could made to choose Instituto Il David. The school and the staff are extremely friendly, helpful and kind. Especially I’ve gained a lot from grammar. This week made me more courageous and I feel I can understand Italian well. It was nice meeting students from different countries. I hope I will be back once again. My landlady was kind. For me it was a good chance to discover Italian lifestyle. All the family and friends were very kind and helped me feel at home.

Pille L.Estonia

2014 15 May

The school was very friendly, helpful with lots of things outside the school as well as school related. The course was great and being fully immersed focus you to learn more. My apartment was comfortable, cozy and very convenient. Close to the city and it had all the comforts of home.

Renata Z.Australia

2014 29 Apr

The school has been very well organized, with excellent admin, and well thought-out classes. I have particularly enjoyed the Italian grammar lessons. I have felt challenged in these classes, and I feel to have learnt a great deal. I love the situation of the school, its in a excellent location and is spacious too. My impression of the organization of accommodation has been very good. I was quite particular about what sort of accommodation I wanted, and the school was able to accommodate me. I was put with an Italian landlady, who I got on with so well. She was very generous, kind and hospitable.

Abigail B.England

2014 21 Apr

Really friendly and welcoming place with great teachers and students. An excellent chance to learn the language and meet people from all over the world. I want to come back! Perfect accommodation. 10 minutes walk from the school and in a really lively place (Santa Croce area). Talking to the woman I stayed with was the best way to learn, and she was also an amazing chef so I recommend a home stay.

Hugo R.England

2014 10 Mar

The school has been great, I had a very good experience with all the professors. My expectation were truly met and I feel that my Italian has improved very much. I will recommend the school to all friends and family, and return for my own studies. The apartment was clean and in good condition. The owners were very attentive and friendly. The housemates were also great and overall it was a very friendly and comfortable environment at home.

Golnoosh H.U.S.A.

2014 25 Feb

This school gave me a lot of fun and I got a chance to meet a lot of friends. So I had a very good time. I'm thinking to come back to Italy. Grazie!!! Ciao. My accommodation was good, so calm and quiet.

Hitomi S.Japan

2014 03 Feb

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