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Very professional teachers and staff; friendly and flexible. The school staff was able to adjust to our needs as seniors. We highly recommend. We asked for two weeks of instruction; enough to travel through Italy for a month. Claudia, Chiara and Lucia (the teachers) were very understanding and patient, all had international experience and related very well to foreigners. Our apartment is 10 minutes walk, - first floor, in a safe neighborhood. Very important to seniors. The apartment is clean and comfortable and met our needs. We met the owner personally (not a rental company) and one small problem was solved quickly.

Francis a.USA

2019 21 Jul

I really enjoyed the course, the teachers were very good. The group classes were enjoyable, professional but with a good relaxed atmosphere (very good for improving confidence + talking in front of others). My private classes were a highlight: I feel like I improved a lot with Giada, she is a fantastic teacher! The level was obviously better suited than the group classes. Overall, very good experience!

Roxane M.France

2019 15 Jul

Very nice. I liked it from before I got here because of the location downtown. After I got here I liked it much better. The classes were good – the teachers very good and class times were good. I liked the mix of students and felt welcome. Giuliana was very helpful all the way. She is good as the “face” of Istituto David! (And thank you Carlo) 1) My zona was the best – vecino Termini 2) Very nice appartamento and camera 3) Liked my “family” very much. Pasquale and Giovannini were very helpful with Italian. I have no complaints. Tutto bene!

Larry S.USA

2019 11 Jul

Everything was great, many thanks to the teachers for their patience and talent to teach absolute beginners. I hope to come back again next summer, and I’m sure that everything will be great again. Nice apartment and great location. No complaints.

Anastasia S.Russia

2019 06 Jul

La scuola: for me the school was very nice. Small classes are best for learning a language. The course itself was fantastic: a mix of grammar and conversation, both of which reinforced the other part. I added an extra hour per day of individual conversation that gave an important extra boost to the core program. Best part: I loved the teachers! All of them were highly capable, professional and very helpful in facilitating all us students’ learning of Italian. A challenge since we were all at different levels. Cordiali saluti a tutti! Grazie mille!

Michael Q.USA

2019 02 Jul

I feel that I have improved my Italian here. The classes were well organized. The conversation classes were helpful and a lot of fun. All the teachers paid attention to areas where the students needed more help. I hope I can return next year. My apartment in the Piazza del Mercato Centrale was clean and comfortable and a pleasant walk to the school. The landlady was very helpful in showing me the apartment and how to use the appliances.

Anne W.USA

2019 28 Jun

I loved it! The teachers are very friendly and incredibly patient. The level could have been higher but all in all it was ok. Homework was good, and is important! There isn’t really anything you can do better. I am seriously considering to come back! I loved the accommodation! The people were extremely nice and very helpful. Over all, the apartment and the people there helped me a lot to make this a very pleasant experience. You did a very good job!

Markus K.Germany

2019 21 Jun

The conversation course was very interactive and a lot of fun. I enjoyed working in groups to improve my vocabulary and communication skills. Rita was great! Daniela was very helpful with everything I needed. The room was clean and nice. The location was great, very close to the school. The only problem is that the bathroom was too small.

Pooja R.India

2019 12 Jun

Both courses I’m taking, grammar and conversation, are teaching me a lot. I am enjoying both courses and I have definitely learned a lot more things just in one week. Both teachers Alessandra and Veronica are very good teachers, they are very helpful and I learned a lot from them. Wish I could stay longer.

Daisy K.USA

2019 07 Jun

This school was very nice. I did expand my vocabulary a lot within the 1st week of attending. The teachers were great. Especially Veronica, the communication teacher. It’s also fun to learn here! My other classmates were funny and also helped me to learn. I had a great experience at the Istituto Il David. I wish I started earlier! Grazie!

Iris K.USA

2019 07 Jun

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